About us

Profit MK Company is a subsidiary of a production group MK ADVERTISING GROUP.


It is focusing on production from cardboard and other products from paper, light plastics and laminated cardboard.
Profit MK Ltd. Has its headquarders and business office located in Bratislava on Nevädzova Street, N. 6, and its production facility located in an industrial part of the city Trenčín, close to the exit from the D1 highway. For clients from Bratislava region and its surroundings, the services are administered by the business office on Nevädzova 6 Street, including the transport within Bratislava, which is free of charge.
The company was created in 2008 and since then it had developed strong technological-production backround with specialization on small and medium series.

The production facility in Trenčín is a Protected manufactory.